Monday, February 19, 2018

Please stop painting all with same brush….Do not demoralize the industry for the misdeeds of few!!!

PSBs have toiled to keep the economy going.
PSBs suffer internally.

Reality is not known to many..
PSBs are the only organization where the business doubles over years, staff strength halves!!

PSBs have served the country with not less than 20 hours a day during DeMo to monetize the economy..

Farmers, SMEs, Salaried section, MIG/LIG/Weaker Section have easy access to credit facility only at PSBs.

It is PSBs who open Branches even in place where potable water, a cup of tea is not available
It is PSBs who keep branches open even on the days of strike, hartals, risking the life..

It Is PSBs who have liberated rural population from money lenders..
It is PSBs who opened 99% of Jandhan.. Implement Crop Insurance, Pension etc.

PSBs are the only place where late night oil is burnt.
Perhaps bank officers the only section of society who do not attend social events in family. Official work is preferred to socializing..

Perhaps bank officers are only section who work on most of Sundays and holidays..

Do not blame industry for the greed of one or two in it. Handful of dishonest, negligent staff who cannot even be represented in decimals of 5 places (0.00002).

Condemn the guilty and not the Bank or Industry. 
Black sheep are bound to be present here are there.
It is there in every system. 
In Banks it is not as rampant as in other systems!

Nothing happens to surgeon when a surgery fails.  
Nothing happens when an advocate looses case..
Nothing happens to engineers when a building falls…
Nothing happens to scientists when a rocket fails.
Factories provide for errors.

But, for a banker his official life has to be 100% error free.
One error can cost him his life, career and may put him in dock.

Bankers deserve due regards and respect.
Please think twice before embarrassing en-block!

Stop cracking a joke... or forwarding a joke !!

Pl share.... Show unity...


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