Monday, February 19, 2018

Please stop painting all with same brush….Do not demoralize the industry for the misdeeds of few!!!

PSBs have toiled to keep the economy going.
PSBs suffer internally.

Reality is not known to many..
PSBs are the only organization where the business doubles over years, staff strength halves!!

PSBs have served the country with not less than 20 hours a day during DeMo to monetize the economy..

Farmers, SMEs, Salaried section, MIG/LIG/Weaker Section have easy access to credit facility only at PSBs.

It is PSBs who open Branches even in place where potable water, a cup of tea is not available
It is PSBs who keep branches open even on the days of strike, hartals, risking the life..

It Is PSBs who have liberated rural population from money lenders..
It is PSBs who opened 99% of Jandhan.. Implement Crop Insurance, Pension etc.

PSBs are the only place where late night oil is burnt.
Perhaps bank officers the only section of society who do not attend social events in family. Official work is preferred to socializing..

Perhaps bank officers are only section who work on most of Sundays and holidays..

Do not blame industry for the greed of one or two in it. Handful of dishonest, negligent staff who cannot even be represented in decimals of 5 places (0.00002).

Condemn the guilty and not the Bank or Industry. 
Black sheep are bound to be present here are there.
It is there in every system. 
In Banks it is not as rampant as in other systems!

Nothing happens to surgeon when a surgery fails.  
Nothing happens when an advocate looses case..
Nothing happens to engineers when a building falls…
Nothing happens to scientists when a rocket fails.
Factories provide for errors.

But, for a banker his official life has to be 100% error free.
One error can cost him his life, career and may put him in dock.

Bankers deserve due regards and respect.
Please think twice before embarrassing en-block!

Stop cracking a joke... or forwarding a joke !!

Pl share.... Show unity...

Friday, January 19, 2018

Physical banks will be irrelevant in next 3 years in India: Amitabh Kant

New Delhi, January 18 (PTI): Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kanttoday said physical banks in India will be irrelevant in the next 3 years as data consumption growth and data analytics are likely to further boost financial inclusion.

"Days of physical bank will be over...India will throw huge amount of data, Kant said, adding data analytics would boost financial inclusion in the country.

While speaking at a panel discussion here, he said India is the only country with over a billion biometrics.

In the next three-four years, India will have a billion plus smartphones, Kant said.

The Niti Aayog CEO also pointed out that mobile data consumption in India is more than the US and China put together.

Participating in the panel discussion, Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma said the new banking model in this world will come out of India and Paytm will be early example of that India model.

WhatsApp Pay in Beta Stage, To Go Official Next Month: Report

New Delhi, January 18: WhatsApp is long rumoured to be working on adding a payment feature within the app, but the precise launch date still remains a mystery.

A news report from ET now claims the WhatsApp payment option will go live in India as early as next month. WhatsApp is reportedly conducting the final phase of tests with a select group of users, and the payment feature will roll out most likely by February, ET quoted ‘people aware of the developments’.

“The platform is already in beta stage (testing) with one of its partner banks. We expect the product to go live for consumers by the end of February, depending on how the trials work out,” the publication’s source said.

The widely popular messaging app is working on integrating its Unified Payment Interface (UPI) based payments platform with some of India’s popular banks. WhatsApp has reportedly partnered with Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and State Bank of India.

A banking representative confirmed the same, revealing there are several security concerns that need to be addressed before the integration, especially in regards to the safety of the customer’s data.

“To be able to send money as easily as a text message involves ensuring various levels of encryption to keep the data safe. UPI, by itself, also has a complicated settlement mechanism between various banking partners. These issues need to be attended to before the product goes live.,” ET quoted a senior banking official.

The latest report comes after various traces of the WhatsApp Pay feature were spotted in beta versions of the app. The Pay feature will be added in the Attachment section and users will be able to transfer money from the same screen itself.

A number of leaked impressions of the feature revealed that paying via WhatsApp will be a much easier task. In fact, it is said to be as simple as sharing a contact or photo.

A “Rupee” symbol added in the Attachments option which will allow users to access the feature. The uses could then make a peer-to-peer payment through the one-step process of entering the amount and UPI PIN.