Saturday, December 13, 2014

Talks on wage revision between IBA and UFBU at Mumbai on 17.12.2014

Conciliation meeting on 17.12.2014
Latest news:
Conciliation meeting is arranged by
Labour commissioner at 11.30 AM
at Mumbai on 17.12.2014 for
Talks on wage revision between IBA and UFBU.
Previous news:

BEFI Circular dt.08.12.2014 says........

the next meeting of UFBU has been slated to be held on 
17th this month at Hyderabad to take stock of the situation and 
to decide upon further course of action depending upon developments. 

Let us all await the decision of UFBU and prepare ourselves 
for carrying forward the struggle, as may be so decided, 
with courage, conviction and zeal.
Get prepared for intensified struggle ahead.


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