Monday, August 6, 2012

Bizarre banking system leaves customers stumped

Patna, August 5: Bank allots customer’s locker to another person without notice. Bizarre banking system has come to the fore in two diametrically opposite cases in Bihar. In the first instance, a woman customer was left high and dry when her valuables went kaput after the locker she was operating in Allahabad Bank was allotted to someone else without intimating her. While in another case, three customers on a single day received more than the amount they had asked for, during withdrawal from the ATM of State Bank of India.
The first incident took place in the state capital when Rani Meena Kumari of Shastri Nagar went to operate her locker in Allahabad Bank which she had opened it in 2008. Much to her dismay, Meena found that not only her locker was allotted to a different customer, but her valuables worth Rs 4 lakh were also missing. On query, she was told that since the locker was not operated for the last two years, it was allotted to some one else. A furious Meena lodged an FIR against the bank officials at Shastri Nagar police station and wondered how this kind of faux pas could happen in a government-controlled bank. “We have received a written complaint from Meena Kumari. The regional office of the bank is looking into the case. If required, we too will begin investigation in right earnest,” said SHO of the police station, IC Vidyasagar.
In another instance, a customer of SBI went to an ATM at Pali market in Darbhanga and opted to withdraw Rs 3,000. But lo and behold, the machine handed him Rs 7,000, although the statement slip showed withdrawal of Rs 3,000 only. With Rs 4,000 more in his kitty, the customer laughed all his way to home. The other customer, who followed him in the queue, met a similar fate when he received Rs 5,000 from the ATM although he had asked for Rs 4,200.
The guard, who operated generator there, smelt a rat when he found the customer smiling sheepishly. On query, he was told about the ATM machine doling out excess amount, even though the statement mentioned only the withdrawal of money which was originally asked for. The guard then asked the customer to return the excess amount, and eventually informed the bank’s branch manager. When the officials reached the venue, they found the ATM working in a weird manner. The ATM was sealed and headquarters office informed about the snag. “Three instances of excess withdrawal have been detected. Out of which one customer has refunded the excess amount. The exact detail of net loss is being ascertained,” said a senior SBI official on the condition of anonymity.


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